In November we visited Cosmoprof and Cosmopack fair, which took place in Hong-Kong. We got to meet exhibitors from all over the world there. Cosmoprof Asia during its 24th edition had shown the „One fair, two venues” concept again. During the 4 day show we could see products and services displayed by 3 150 exhibitors, spread in 22 country and product group pavilions. The whole fair was divided in two parts: Cosmopack Asia hosting exhibitors in the following categories:

  • Ingredients
  • Machinery
  • Packaging
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Private label

Whereas we could see further products in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre:

  • Perfumery & cosmetics
  • Beauty & spa
  • Nails & accessories
  • Hair saloon
  • Natural cosmetics

The latter has impressed us mostly and proved to be great source of inspiration.

The Cosmoprof Asia fair enabled us to see new interesting doypacks, monodoses, nutrition sticks, sachets and tubes in various shapes as well as innovative packaging solutions.

We are always keen to attend trade fair, lectures and training while searching for new locations, which can inspire us to boost our growth.

We were genuinely happy to meet a large group of our Polish partners, proudly displaying their products in the the markets.