Our machinery

Below we present another machine, the horizontal Volpak machine, packing liquid and semi-liquid products into sachets. Its output is up to 90 000 units per day. The Volpak machine has the longest history at [...]


In the recent months our efforts have been directed towards the production of disinfectants and the fight against COVID-19. We have not stopped working even for one day, maintaining full production capacity. This has [...]

Our machinery

We are launching a series in which we will present our machines and their capabilities. We want to give you an opportunity to take a look at the range of services and possibilities of [...]

Shape sachets

Shape sachets are an innovative solution which we manufacture in our company. They can be made in heights ranging from 60 mm (fixed width) up to 240 mm. The shape of our sachets [...]


In November we visited Cosmoprof and Cosmopack fair, which took place in Hong-Kong. We got to meet exhibitors from all over the world there. Cosmoprof Asia during its 24th edition had shown the „One [...]

Summary of the year 2019

We are more than happy to share further news about our success. 2018 was another record year of our dynamic growth and yielded the 4th consecutive Business Gazelle awarded to our company by [...]